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Battle of the wardrobe

Battle of the wardrobe

I always get the feeling that I should be grateful to find something with a long length sleeve, or a skirt that doesn’t sit just below my hips and would love to feel a little less like an un-catered for outsider.

Forgive me, but I’m not a lover of companies that use un-flattering terms for Tall women, I know this is so that we, as customers know who they’re catering for (no names to be mentioned) but shouldn’t we have moved on a bit now!? Read more…

Beat the fuzz – When long legs are a sin

Beat the fuzz- when long legs are a sin

Slightly off the Fashion track with this article, but I think it’s an important area when preparing to bare all in the Summer… Right ladies. So, apart from going and buying a lawn mower and putting it to my legs, what really is the best way to get those legs fuzz free….

What is the perfect Tall wardrobe?

What is the perfect wardrobe for a Tall woman?

I’m meeting with Angelina of not another tall blog in a few weeks to talk about what this means for us Tall women. We all have different needs based on the height we are, the work we do and the lifestyle we lead.

What should be in every Tall woman’s capsule wardrobe, that would take her from day until night? Read more…

Our Tall lady of the month Tyra Banks

Tall Woman of the Month – Tyra Banks

At MTW there was no question as to who our leggy lady of the month would be, none other than Ms Tyra Banks. At 5ft 10 inches she is one of the most successful supermodels of our time and a sensational talk show host. Tyra single handedly enabled other aspirational models a chance in the forever-competitive fashion industry, with the hit series America’s Next Top Model. Read more…

Style of Elle Mc Pherson, 6ft

Elle McPherson’s style. Whether she’s on or off duty, one thing for sure is her sense of style. She’s kept her beautiful long blonde locks as she knows they work for her and wears a wardrobe that works for her, from natural shades to bright canary yellows that compliment her colouring.

Here are some of my favourite styles of hers. Read more…

Where are all the clothes for Tall women?

Angelina and I found love in a hopeless place. Ok, so we didn’t find love and it wasn’t in a hopeless place, it was Instagram… But this is what is wonderful about being Tall; instantly relating to one another through the trials and tribulations of not being able to find lovely things that fit. It’s been a joy to meet Angelina virtually (we are soon to meet in person for a kids play date) Wish us luck! and I’m very much looking forward to having a good old banter about where we shop. Read more…

Accessories only Tall women can wear

The best accessories for Tall women

Us Tall ladies can be smug sometimes can’t we. There are accessories we can wear that others can’t and there’s nothing I love more. In a Tall woman’s wardrobe they’re the easiest things to buy. One size fits all and we don’t need to find the right length for once… Here are our fave styles at MTW… Read more…

How to dress when you’re Tall & 40

Forty, Fabulous and Flourishing

Turning forty and wondering what to wear? My Tall Wardrobe is here to save the day. Whilst some tall women defy the laws of ageing, a.k.a Cameron Diaz, aged 40 and still looking HOT, dressed in a body con vest and hot pants! Here’s how MTW suggests; high heels, faded denim and body con can all still remain in your wardrobe. Read more…